4 Easy Rules For Writing Engaging Content

4 Easy Rules For Writing Engaging Content

4 Easy Rules For Writing Engaging Content

By Vladimir

Why do you read some articles in one go and to the end, and others stay longer in the third sentence? How to choose the words so that you have the interest of the reader? The answers will be new down.

Rule 1: Literacy

Sometimes the impression is left that the content of some sites is created by the students of the initial course: mistakes, mistakes and again mistakes. And terribly ridiculous! And all sorts: spelling, punctuation, and stylistics. Even in cities and sentences that do not see any grammatical or syntactic complexity in themselves. Alas, there are people who do not know the basic rules of literary language and there are all the memories problems.

Rule 2: Style

I think it is clear that for the description of an article on a bank site and a blog about butterflies, different things are recommended. In your head visit already has an image of what you need to have on the site. This should see texts in a certain style. I have to see them.

Your article (statistics) must be said (done) on the style of the site you write (unless explicitly agreed otherwise with customers). Don’t be lazy, take an interest, visit the client’s site and take a look at it. Tailor the theme and scope, create texts in an appropriate style. Or request the style recommended by the client.

Rule 3: Simplicity

Practically every task that is simpler has a final text written, which is better.

Note that you should ask for statistics on the site of a company offering goods or services, a corporate site, not texts in a scientific description.

For example, statistics for a site of a special company. They should look at his visits for the products of this organization – a home built by her. And I’m not told how many construction cranes a company has or what part of the concrete that suits the builders who are in this home, what is in what and how much it costs.

At the same time, everyone should be told quickly and clearly. That is simple.

Rule 4: Structure

The big article should be divided into semantic blocks. Each block should have a title in which the meeting should be briefly conveyed. A reader who takes a look at the article from the title should be able to get a clear idea of ​​what this article will be like and have the personal information that is needed.

Also, each text must be divided into logical parts – by paragraphs. One thought – just a paragraph. You think, as you said hotly, you should broadcast what is most clear and concise. Match and paragraphs should make you feel simpler and shorter.

The various formatting elements will make reading on your article even more convenient. For example, it is better not to list with a sealed, and you need to find: The website is good, it is certainly:

Site X is good because it’s:

  • with free delivery;
  • low prices;
  • convenient. Important parts of the text (definitions, quotations, etc.) can be said in bold, italic or said. The main ideas of the article can be separated from the main text:
  • separate with a larger font;
  • change its color Leaving only a monotonous text, say it! It is true that the text, which is really cluttered in terms of layout, is also not appropriate. Everything must be in moderation and in place.

These are the rules for writing good statistics. If you follow them, you will quickly move into the category of copyright “above average”, which will be for all time tasks, orders for texts.


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